Hi! I'm Luca Scalzotto
I am a passionate programmer, fanatic gamer and creative hobbyist.


Writings, ramblings, and whatnot.

Setting up a Chromium kiosk on a Raspberry Pi
Setting up a proper kiosk mode with Chromium on a Pi can prove quite tricky. Here's how you do it!
Scripting a Spelunky 2 Speedrun | Part 3: Do You Want to Build a Language?
With an input simulation proof of concept working, I needed to think about how I was going to use it. Do I create a simple library, or do I go the extra mile(s)?
Ballmer's Peak: Week 4
The reviews are in! Let's have a look at what our friends and colleagues think of our blend: amazing or bathwater? And is it fit for purpose?
Scripting a Spelunky 2 Speedrun | Part 2: I'm (Not) a Robot
The first step in any tool-assisted speedrun is simulating inputs. But how do you even do that outside of an emulator?
Ballmer's Peak: Week 3
It seems like the odds have "turned" in our favour as we near the completion of our #4WeekProject! The whisky is done, labeled, and bottled.
Scripting a Spelunky 2 Speedrun | Part 1: This Doesn't Exist?
When you look around on the internet, it looks like there's nothing that hasn't been done before. However, I managed to find one of those things, and it turned into quite the project.
Ballmer's Peak: Week 2
This week: The label! We got together to design a label to suit our whisky. We aren't designers so battling the tooling to make it do what we want it to do was quite the challenge.
Ballmer's Peak: Week 1
This week's plan was to blend and taste our whisky. Our goal was not to create the most amazing whisky you've ever tasted. There is no way two amateurs could compete with the world's master blenders.
Ballmer's Peak
We are quite the whisky fans. We also tend to have a drink while working on our software development projects. As our first #4WeekProject, we decided to blend and bottle our own whisky and call it: Ballmer's Peak.
Solving Websocket Communication