Hi! I'm Luca Scalzotto
I am a passionate programmer, fanatic gamer and creative hobbyist.
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All the tools you need, in one place, right in your browser.

There’s often times when I quickly need to base64 encode some value, beautify one massive line of JSON data, or decode a morse message (alright that last one happens very rarely, but still). Until now my way of doing that has been to find some random website that does that, do the thing, forget it and move on. But recently I started thinking how terribly inefficient it is to do that everytime I quickly need to do something, not to mention the disruption in flow it can cause. So I did what a lot of devs do when they encounter such a problem: I started a new project. A project with the vision of being the one site you can go to when you just quickly need to convert/decode/prettify/… some value. And thus, toolzone.dev was born.

Side note: I do know CyberChef exists, and it’s honestly a great tool. However, I feel like my vision for toolzone.dev differs in that it’s only focused on the individual operations, doing one thing at a time, and simply being fast and easy to use.