Hi! I'm Luca Scalzotto
I am a passionate programmer, fanatic gamer and creative hobbyist.
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Gokart Prompt

Blazing fast and slick shell prompt, written in Go.

As a programmer, I spend a lot of time in my terminal. I’ve set it up the way I like it with Zsh, Oh My Zsh, and of course a nice theme. Over time I’ve tried various different ones, but the one I’ve used most is Spaceship Prompt. Unfortunately, Spaceship can be quite slow, and while it does try to do some smart things with concurrency (which doesn’t always work), a major contributing factor is the fact that it’s written in Bash. So, one day I decided that I could do better: keep the general style and functionality of Spacehip, but make it superfast and snappy. Not too long after, the first version of the Gokart Prompt was created. It’s written in Go, which allows for trivial concurrency where necessary, and overall amazing performance. Ever since that first version, I stuck with it, and never looked back.