About Me

I am Luca Scalzotto, a software developer from the Netherlands. I also have a bachelor's degree in game technology/computer science. For as long as I can remember I've been interested in computers, games and later on in my life I've also had a growing interest in electronics and hardware.

My career really started when I was studying game technology at Utrecht University. This involved learning C# - my first real programming language - and the XNA game framework. I worked on some fun and interesting game projects, some of which can still be found on my GitHub.

In my second year I started a job at Xillio. Xillio specialises in content migration projects and tooling to make those easier. When I started here I was helping them build their custom scripting language called Xill and its accompanying IDE. Xill is a domain-specific language made to easily script all sorts of migrations. As Xill matured we switched focus to a new product: the Xillio API, a unified content API that allows you to connect to all sorts of content repositories in a unified way. This meant that once you write an integration with the API, you can access dozens of systems without needing any specific knowledge about those systems. This tremendously speeds up development for all kinds of applications, like migration, archival, content analysis, and many more integrations. I also briefly filled a position as pre-sales engineer to help the customer sales and onboarding experience. This ranged from joining sales calls to answer more abstract technical questions to helping existing customers solve concrete problems.

After a few years at Xillio I had learned a lot about all aspects of software development, and I got the chance to use this knowledge and experience to help the team at Storyteq. Here I helped the team rethink their software architecture and set up continuous integration and delivery. We started a transition from a monolithic app to a microservices-based architecture by extracting components into services with Node.js and RabbitMQ. With me I also brought the culture of knowledge sharing through workshops. This meant that every once in a while the entire development team took a day to learn about some new subject like for example Jenkins pipelines, or continuous deployments with Terraform.

Working the project at Storyteq was a step up to co-founding Sails IT, a development house aimed at helping clients realise their software product from inception to maintenance. We provided various services, like a quick demo to visualise your idea, a proof of concept or prototype to have a more hands-on experience and explore a software concept, or a full-fledged software-as-a-service product which we develop and maintain. One notable project we worked on was the Global Link platform, a platform aimed at the construction industry to link workforce to open projects.

Currently I'm doing freelance projects, and I'm hoping to be able to apply my knowledge and experience to help teams increase their knowledge sharing, improve client communication, or simply be a temporary addition to a development team. Besides this I also love working on hobby projects, which you can explore on the projects page.

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